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Pikachu's Adventure Chapter 2 part 1
"Osh, Pi, Audino! Wake up! Oh it's hopeless!" Dave complained
"EHEHEHEHEHE! Don't be so sure little child. I have hmmm lets say interesting powers... for a price! EHEHEHEHEHEHEH"
"What are you talking about?"
Suddenly, the Earth shook. Everyone floated in the air, and all of a sudden, the lamp turned into a mushroom. Dave froze, suspended in mid-air.
"And you said you coul- eep!"
"Yes, come closer my little Pikachu! I can save your 'siblings', for a price!"
"And what is this price?" Dave asked
"YOUR SOUL, I mean, Ahem. I need a funny fur and funshroom for my 'spell'. And do try to get it fast, your friends won't stay alive for more than 3 days asleep. They need, food and water. The items can be found in the Magi forest. Here we can communicate with these walkie talkies."
"Thanks? Well I'm off!"
"Wait the forest is to the... right. He left, I do hope he can find it. But this may be the last spell my old Gothitelle body can take." 
"OK, so the forest, i
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Pikachu's Reflection Chapter 1
*Please note that this is all in the mind of Dave*
I can't believe it. I got amnesia. I have two siblings, I guess. There also is TWTO, The World Taker Overs. With Darkrai and Mewtwo. I've seen Darkrai, but not Mewtwo. I wonder how strong he is. I have seen Darkrai. Also Pi and Osh are out of commission. I  wonder what happened to them, Audino too. What am I going to do. This is hopeless... WHY ME!!!!!!!!
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Pikachu's Adventure chapter 1 part 3
"Pikachu is fine now, we hope to see you again."
"Thanks Audino"
"Ugh where am I?" Dave said
"You just recovered from shock at the Pokemon Center," Osh said " We were so worried!"
"Well thank you fo- Ack!"
"Haha I finally found you!" ??? said
"Dave!" Osh said
"Not you!" Pi said "Were stronger now!"
"And I'm Batman!" Osh said
"Cookoo!" ??? said
"No kidding." Pi agreed
"Hey not cool!" 
"No matter, you shall all perish here!!!!"
Suddenly, the lights turned off sending everyone in shock. And then something pulsates, hurting everyone.
"Uhhh" Pi said
"Urg" Osh said
"Mwuhahahahahahaha! Give it up, you're are no match for me!"
"But I'm not! HAAA!" Dave said
Suddenly, a thunderbolt flies from Dave's body. Knocking around Darkrai a bit.
"GWAAH! Such POWER!" I thought I knocked you out!" ??? said
"You did. But you can thank Audino for reviving me." Dave said
"Urgg you win again. But first, a goodbye present!"
Suddenly the lights come on. Everyone sees pulses.
"No- ahhh! zzzzz" Osh and Pi mum
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Pikachu's Adventure Chapter 1 part 2
"Get it. Get it now. We need it. We want it. GET IT NOW I COMMAND YOU!!!!!!!!!"
Dave jumped out of his bed and ran around the house, trying to find the bathroom. He eventually did and splashed water on his face.
"Not again," He moaned "I can't seem to get any sleep at all."
"Oh good, your awake" Osh said "I thought you wouldn't wake up!"
"Wait what time is it?"
"About 1 P.M." Osh replied
"So do you want to know what happened?" Pi said
"Yes, I guess" Dave replied
"Darkrai and Mewtwo  work for the evil corporation TWTO" Pi explained
"Wait TWTO? What does that mean?" Dave questioned
"The World Taker Over, horrible I know." Osh said
"Anyway, as I was saying, our parents were walking along with us. We had just went to the movies. Mewtwo came in and knocked out mom. Darkrai appeared behind us, but you saw him and used thunder. It hit. Darkrai was greatly injured, and then they realized your power. Darkrai used dark void to put us to sleep but you resisted. He then used nightmare
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Pikachu's adventure chapter 1 part 1
"We need it"
"Get it now"
"No, no, stop! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"
Dave the pikachu woke up, terrified in the middle of the night.
"W-what was that?! We need it, get it now. I really hope that was a dream, a dream that does not come true. You know what time to break the fourth wall! Since when does a dream like that NOT come true. What am I saying, I'm so stupid!!" Dave said
"Wh-who is there? Show-Show your self" Dave yelled.
"Um it is just me, your brother. You know Austin." Austin replied.
Austin is a very kindhearted Oshawott. Also Dave's brother. He is very helpful and brave.
"I-I don't know you. Or where I am." Dave said
"Silly your at home with me and Austin!"
"Who are you? Why am I surrounded by everyone I don't know.
"I'm Maria, you know your cheerful, Pichu sister. Do you even remember us?" She said
"Oh, no. I think he has amnesia Pi!" Austin said
"Surely you jest! Hey wait a minute, stop calling me that! But, you may be right." Maria said
"Ugh how many Pokemon ar
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Really good. Haven't seen this pose for a Vulpix. I never would have thought about Vulpix doing this. Maybe its eyes should be open? Bu...

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